Membership and Fees

  1. Maximum number of members is 25 primarily as a result of budgetary constraints.
  2. Golf society information will be provided to sports and fitness to help in the promotion of the golf society.
  3. Should there be a demand for more than 25 membership places, a review of budgets will be necessary, as the average subsidy per person may have to be reduced.
  4. Membership is obtained by confirmation of handicaps and in the payment of the annual subscriptions. Membership applications will not be accepted until the appropriate fee is paid.
  5. Membership fees for the year will remain at £60 which will help cover additional costs of increased membership. In addition the society will look at funding some ‘goodies’ from the PwC branded store.
  6. It was agreed that all retirees wanting to re-join the society would carry equal rights as full members.


Monthly Meetings

  1. Based on the increase in this year’s membership it was agreed that the maximum number of players at any event will be restricted to 20 members.
  2. Spaces will be allocated on a first come basis for any fully paid up member (subs and green fees). Any member with outstanding debts will not be eligible to play. Extra places will be made available where budgets and tee slots allow.
  3. The secretary / treasurer will not be responsible for reminding members about forthcoming events, however, invitations for all events will be sent prior to the event.
  4. If it is not possible to increase numbers on the day, any member not able to play will have preference for playing in the next event (or the next event they can attend).


President’s Day

  1. Presidents Day will be played on September 5th at Pyrford Lakes. 

Captain’s Day

  1. PwC Golf Society: The 2022 Captain's Day-East Sussex National on 9th June. 



  1. Guests (i.e. non PwC staff or staff not wishing or able to attend all events) are welcome at golf society days. The full cost will be borne by the guest though, as only members can attract a subsidy from PwC. In the event that a guest replaces a member at short notice an agreement may be reached with the player(s) and treasurer to discount the green fees as it is likely that the Society will be committed to a certain number of players.
  2. Guests are welcomed to play in all events. Guests will liable to pay the full cost of each event attended.
  3. Guests will also be entitled to enter the ‘nearest the pin’ and ‘longest drive’ competitions at each event but will not be eligible for other prizes.
  4. Members will have priority over guests if there is any restriction on numbers of players. In 2015 this was not necessary at any events.
  5. Members are responsible for the full payment of guest green fees whether they play or not. If it is not possible to include guests (i.e. oversubscribed event and club cannot extend tee slots), payments will be returned.


Payment for Events

  1. The level of subsidy available throughout the year has been determined by the cost of each event and the budget available.
  2. The cost of each event is set out in the fixture list (see below).
  3. Fees MUST be paid in full in advance of the event. Any player not able to do so, will be ineligible to play in the current and future events. Members should contact the treasurer to discuss arrangements for payment if this does arise.
  4. If any player cannot pay in advance of the event, and then fails to turn up for the event, they will be responsible to pay for the full (i.e. non subsidised) cost of their (non) attendance at the event if a replacement cannot be found.   A member will also be liable for the full green fees if they withdraw within two weeks of the fixture, unless a replacement can be found. The Treasurer is the person who must be notified of any withdrawal.
  5. To allow the Treasurer to manage costs / budgets effectively and to ensure creditors are paid in a timely fashion members are asked to send payments on time. The treasurer retains the right to change the members green fees prior to each event to ensure we remain solvent and do not overspend. In such an event members will be notified prior to payment being required.
  6. Payments can be made via bank transfer, cash or cheque. With the former now the preferred method.


Bank Details 

  1. The Society bank details are as follows:

Account Number – 96998733

Sort Code – 51-50-03

Please, ensure that you use an appropriate reference in order that we can keep track of who has paid and what for, normally we suggest using players initials and fixture i.e. MJB - Membership



  1. A review and rebasing of the handicaps will be undertaken to provide a fair and realistic starting position. Handicaps are meant to reflect the best ability that the player can attain.It was agreed that the society will switch to the Official EGA Handicap system when calculating and adjusting handicaps. For further details please visit the EGA Golf website
  2. Members with official club handicaps should provide the exact handicap to the handicap secretary along with their membership application. For the purposes of this society’s events, the lower of the club and society handicap will be used. Any changes to club handicaps should be notified to the handicap secretary immediately. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility for prizes at events. No player may play above their official club handicap.
  3. New members (or members who did not play enough rounds to qualify for a handicap in 2014 society events) will have to submit three or more recent, signed cards from public or private 18 hole courses before they will be eligible to win any prizes. Society events will be included in the handicap allocation process.
  4. The Stableford scoring system will be used at all events
  5. The maximum handicaps for members in 2016 will be 28 for men and 54 for ladies.
  6. Society Standard Scratch Score is the average Stableford points score of the top six members at each event. It is possible that member’s handicaps will be cut even if they do not win or come runner-up in events. As previously agreed a handicap with score below 30 points will not be cut. The PwC Golf Society committee reserves the right to adjust handicaps beyond those described above to ensure parity and fairness – a review of handicaps will be conducted after each event by the committee. A minimum of 10 members must be present for an adjustment to handicaps to be made.



  1. Overall, the contribution from PwC remains constant in 2016 to £5,000
  2. With increased green fees and numbers the average subsidy for each event continues to be reduced.



  1. There will be monthly prizes awarded to the best front 9 (£10), the best back 9 (£10) and best overall score (£20), however, players will only be eligible for one prize per event.
  2. At each event there will be three “Nearest the Pin” prizes with £5 being awarded to the winner of each.
  3. Winners’ financial prizes will be awarded at the 19th hole.
  4. A ‘Race to Surrey National (Dubai)’ competition will be in force again whereby the player with the best average points score over the course of the season would win a special players award at the final fixture of the year (minimum of three events apply). The winner will be exempt from membership fees in 2017.


Golf etiquette & rules

  1. Members pointed out the need for all players to fully respect Golfing Etiquette and the wishes of the clubs the Society plays at.
  2. It was agreed that any player not wearing the proper attire would not be allowed to start playing, until suitable attire has been found.
  3. All players should familiarise themselves with the Rules of Golf.
  4. The most important rule is that slow play will not be tolerated. All players should keep up with the match in front, not ahead of the match behind. Time should not be wasted looking unnecessarily for lost balls or playing when no points are possible on a hole – IF YOU CANNOT SCORE, PLEASE PICK-UP!!!
  5. Members should also be reminded of the golfing etiquette on the Tee, please respect other players and remain silent whilst fellow golfers are attempting to play.