The joys of driving through Central London traffic during rush hour were definately a challenge but the impressive clubhouse welcomed the 13 LEGS members as they helped Gretchen celebrate her Captain's Day at the Royal Mid Surrey course.

In the morning, following as excellent breakfast, four teams took part in a nine hole Texas Scramble competition which amazingly saw three of the four teams come joint second with scores of 29 - only to be beaten by the bandits aka The Three Amigoes or The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (you can decide who is who) of Donald Allen, Terry Portway and Declan McGinn who went round in an impressive 24 shots...

Declan also won one of the NTPs with Shaun Bookham picking up the other...

The win seemed to go to Shaun's head as at lunchtime he couldn't be *rsed to play the afternoon, prefering to immediately jet off to Tenerife to invest in some property - must've been some winning NTP cash prize!

There was some cool soft-top buggies available and Pauline and Gretchen praticed their driving with style... The only downside was that Pauline decided to run over Mark's ankle on the first tee... still, he's not one to moan as we all know...

More calories were taken on board at lunch and in the afternoon, some decent scores were recorded... Winner of the front nine was Will Hogan with 22 points, the King of the Back Nine was Declan McGinn with 21 points.  Overall, Will picked up Bronze with 34 points, Declan took Silver with 36 points but for the second event running, in overall Gold Medal position was Terry Portway with 40 points. 

The NTPs were won by Terry, Nigel Halliwell and Matt Hooper, with one NTP being carried over.

The prize-giving took place following a superb dinner in the very impressive restaurant.  There were many other diners present so we all huddled together to ensure Donald's bare legs were kept well hidden and didn't scare the other diners.. :)

Well done to Gretchen for organising some excellent gin cocktails, which went down a treat!

Congratulations to all the prize winners.

Full details are below: