We returned to one of our favourite courses in April - Hever Castle in Edenbridge.  Unlilke our planned New Year's Eve Eve match, the fog was nowhere to be seen. 

I got there early for a change and went into the club shop to get some water only to see someone wearing a ridiculous pair of trousers in front of me.. "Brave decision" I joked nodding towards his trousers - "yeah I know, they're Marmite aren't they?" he replied "You either love 'em or hate 'em but at least you won't see anyone else wearing them!"

30 minutes later I walked into the spike bar only to see Mark 'I got dressed in the dark' Bignell sporting exactly the same Marmite trousers... They were almost louder than the wearer himself...

Most people were convinced that he stole them from Winnie Mandella's washing line the previous day... especially when she phoned him demanding that he return them as her head was getting cold, when we were enjoying a drink on the patio later..

Onto the golf...!

17 of us took part in the second LEGS event, the weather for which turned out to be really good in the end. A few had had a cheeky practice the previous week so expectation for some big scores were high.

We played the Championship Course comprising the Kings and Queens nines.  Those who have played here before will know of the 17th par 5, one of the longest holes in Britain measuring an awesome 644 yards, though the course boasts an array of other stunning holes.

There were some decent scores as the weather was forgiving though the course was still a substantial challenge...  Special congratulations to Pauline Morrow who scored 28 points and won the front nine on countback from John Capstick with 20 points.  Pauline only started playing last year and has really improved her golf.  She could've scored more if not for some unlucky shots including hitting a metal 'Buggies this way ->' sign on the fairway and her ball ricocheting to the left into the adjacient pond.  The back nine went to Terry Portway with 18 points.

The four nearest the pins were won by John Capstick (2nd in 2), Peter McBride (6th), James Clare (10th in 3) and Terry Portway (12th).

But once again the honours for the day went to John Capstick who knocked up an impressive 39 points.  Clearly he's the man to beat this year... are you listening Ian Bowden?

Full results were: