Matt Hooper - winnerHooperman takes the Claret Jug on Captain's Day

As depicts the importance of the occasion, Captain 'Danno' was good to his word and organised a sweltering hot day for his Captain's Day at The Drift Golf Club.

After a traditional 'Full English', the morning format was a 'Yellow Ball' team format over the front nine holes with the yellow ball scoring double - for as long as the ball was kept! Three teams succeeded in doing this. Congratulations to Team 1 - John Capstick, Spencer Williams, Terry Portman & Shaun Bookham who won with 58 points.  Nigel Halliwell tried to lose the yellow ball on the first hole as he hooked it towards the driving range.. Things weren't that better for Derek Ball who hit his first golf ball with his new (one week old) clubs - and manage to top the ball all of 20 yards... hope he kept the receipt!

In our team (4) Alex Booth drove his buggy in a manner not unlike Lewis Hamilton trying to overtake Niki Rosberg... He offered to give Declan McGinn a lift in the buggy but Declan politely declined having seen Alex's DRS turned on going down the first fairway!

Lunch on the patio was an excellent curry - and added to everyone's 'ballast' from the breakfast.  One thing was certain - no-one was going to be blown over in any breeze during the afternoon's 18 holes...

In addition to the stableford format there was also two matchplay matches - which meant the organisers had to rearrange the fourballs so that Derek could play Matt and I could play Spencer... As has often been said - there's nothing like a good organiser... and sure enough we had exactly that.. :)

Honours and the Claret Jug went to Matt Hooper who scored an impressive 39 points, Runner-up was Ian Bowden with 32 points who just pipped Declan McGinn and Terry Portway on countback. 

Drift - Mark adjusts club 2

Hissy Fit of the Day went to Mark Bignell who after posting a less than impressive 13 points decided to throw his clubs out the pram, pick up his ball and walk the last 5 or 6 holes!  Ah.. he's such a delicate soul... maybe his 'solar panel' over-heated on the day...

John Capstick picked up one of the NTPs as well as the Longest Drive - a corker of a shot it was too...  Donald Allan picked up the NTP on the 11th and Spencer Williams and Matt Hooper both won their Matchplay KO matches.

The day ended with an excellent BBQ on the patio is the basking rays on the setting sun.  A great Captain's Day was enjoyed by all... with one exception that is...


Handicaps after The Drift

Using Official European EGA Handicap System
Handicap Ranges         Opening Handicap Red Libbetts Score Adjustment New Handicap
Range 0 - 4.4   Ian Bowden M 3.7 32 0.3 4.0
Buffer Zone 35 - 36              
Per Point   > Buffer Zone (0.1)              
Per Point   < Buffer Zone 0.1              
          Opening Handicap Red Libbetts Score Adjustment New Handicap
Range 4.5 - 11.4   John Capstick M 6.8 32 0.2 7
Buffer Zone 34 - 36   Mark Bignell M 7.4 13 1.0 8.4
Per Point   > Buffer Zone (0.2)   James Clare M 7.2   0 7.2
Per Point   < Buffer Zone 0.1   Connor Smith M 8.6   0 8.6
          Opening Handicap Red Libbetts Score Adjustment New Handicap
Range 11.5 - 18.4   Spencer Williams M 17.0 26 0.7 17.7
Buffer Zone 33 - 36   Derek Ball M 15.8 24 0.9 16.7
Per Point   > Buffer Zone (0.3)   John Grosvenor M 12.0 38 (0.6) 11.4
Per Point   < Buffer Zone 0.1              
          Opening Handicap Red Libbetts Score Adjustment New Handicap
Range 18.5 to 28   Brendan Carroll M 16.1   0 16.1
Buffer Zone 32 - 36   Matt Hooper M 19.0 39 (1.2) 17.8
Per Point   > Buffer Zone (0.4)   Terry Portway M 20.7 32 0.0 20.7
Per Point   < Buffer Zone 0.1   Peter McBride M / C 19.0 27 0.5 19.5
      Nigel Halliwell M 25.8 29 0.3 26.1
      Declan McGinn M 26.7 32 0.0 26.7
      Donald Allan M / C 25.2 28 0.4 25.6
      Shaun Bookham M 28.0 29 0.3 28.0
      Winn Faria M 28.0   0.0 28.0
      Rob Rowe G 28.0   0 28.0
      Richard Piller M 28.0   0 28.0
      Richard Cocks M 36.0 28 0.4 36.0
      Gretchen Jones M 54.0 21 1.1 54.0
Guests     Nathan Portway   36.0      
      Tony Bowyer   17.0      
      Alex Booth   16.0 26