Our third match saw us return to Walton Heath, one of the world’s most highly regarded golf clubs - and an annual favourite of the Society  (though not for some, looking at the scores!) and a fairly challenging one - 'brutal' some might say!  

Ben Leigh enjoyed the NTPs, picking up the spoils for winning thre of them, with James Stone winning the fourth and preventing Ben having a clean sweep.

Winner of the front nine was Mark Avery with 19 points and Ian Bowden won the back nine with an excellent 21 points. 

Overall winner for the second succesive LEGS match was Nigel Flint with an impressive 41 points.  Nigel had recently played a match on the course against a team from Walton Heath, so clearly his local knowledge worked wonders!

 Sadly, Peter McBride played just about his worst round ever - clearly finding it hard to adjust to what was a typical right-handers course.  On such days, you just have to take it on the chin, and seeing others look at you as if your dog's just died.. Ah well, no-one died..