There were many prize winners over the three days of the annual 'Awayday' event - this time held in Welsh Wales at St Pierre and the Vale Resort courses.  But after close scrutiny, Ian Bowden pipped Terry Portway (yes - Terry 'no really my handicap is 22.5' Portway!) to win the overall points total with an excellent 100 points and claim the glory... not to mention the wad of 'Aytons' as the cash prize.

Now here's a quiz as a little starter for ten.... can you tell the difference between these two numbers?


Still having trouble?  Let me give you a clue - you've just played the 3rd hole on the Lakes Course on Saturday morning... where might you go next?  Yes that's what I'd say - but not everyone would agree...  Would they John, Mark and Tony :)

For the full match report and results - take a look in the 'Results & Match Reports' section.


Next match - Presidential LEGS - Tuesday 13 September at Burhill Golf Club, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey


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